Architect / BIM Manager

Mehmet is a Senior Architect and has worked at the General Contractor side on a wide variety of high profile BIM projects, ranging from 650.000 m² (7.000.000 ft²) Airport Terminal Buildings to American Embassy Compounds.

His experience includes Managing BIM activity and coordination between companies across a geographically dispersed work area. (Such as Istanbul/Turkey, New Delhi/India, Manila/Philippines and Muscat/Oman)

As one of the first GC BIM Managers he has specialized in:
*Authoring CAD Manuals, BEPs (BIM Execution Plans) and SMPs (Standard Methods and Procedures).
*Estimation, Method of Construction and As-Built BIM Modeling.
*Model Evaluation and Coordination through custom APIs and 3d/4d clash detection routines.
*Automation of Engineering Documents, both automation of data/drawing extraction from models and managing CDE (Common Data Environment)
*Ensuring Field / BIM integrity.
*Ensuring ERP and Other Databases / BIM integrity.
*BIM to Fabrication.