FormWork in Revit with Dynamo

I'm not sure why Formwork quantification is such a big deal in Turkey and not so much in other countries. Any how that request also found me a couple of weeks ago.
As an Architect, I'm more of a "do it in Revit with modeling" kinda guy than a script/add-in spitting some values. So I've made a Dynamo script that creates Formwork.

Here's a brief video showing my workflow in Revit and Dynamo.

I've also coded some companion add-ins. Ranging from basic stuff that writes the Formwork area sums back to elements to an add-in I call "Everything's a Formwork if you're brave enough."
I'll be coding one this week that will be nesting the Formworks to XY plane, joining/splitting Formworks, marking etc. for fabrication.

It's good enough for the task in my hands as it is but I'll try to refine it further.
(Like porting all to a Revit add-in)
So still a work in progress project.
Any advice/recommendation from Structure People for guiding an Architect to the right direction is highly appreciated..


  1. Hi Mehmet! Really interesting work!

    I'm wondering how you imported geometry as generic models from dynamo to get the formwork panels. As far as I know it's only possible to import geometry as import symbol from dynamo.

    I tryed to do something similar taking the geometries to Dynamo, exploding them and then importing the surfaces as separated elements. Then my idea was to add them some parameters and then set the parameter values in dynamo and finally to schedule in a similar way you did, but I have the problem I don't know how I could have the formworks as Generic models instead Import Symbols.

    I would really appreciate some help.

  2. Hi Jesus,
    I went down the same route first. But Imported stuff is always a no no for me.
    So I've experimented with the DirectShape from the Api and it all worked well.
    (Thanks to Dimitar and the great community of Dynamo)
    I've also heard there will be a native DirectShape Dynamo node in the future..
    Hope that helps..

  3. Hi Mehmet,

    Congrats for your impressive work.
    I´m trying to do something like you have done, but i´m having problems in removing the intersections between surfaces. Let´s take an example like the joins between Beams and Columns, how can I remove duplicated surfaces?

    Best regards.