Strandbeest Walking in Tekla via Dynamo Package TEKLAMO

I've been cooking TEKLAMO (a dynamo package for Tekla Structures 19).
It's a personal project (Coded at night when ever I could spare some sleep), so it's going a little slow.

Right now it can create:
Beams, PolyBeams, ContourPlates
Connections, CutPlanes, Fittings.
(All the stuff I needed it to do in the first place)

I'd like to:
add Rebars, Cut Part with Polygon, Cut Part with Part
improve reading capability from Tekla,
test solid creation methods for dynamo..

I'll be presenting it in dynamo.istanbul user group event to see if there's enough interest to
share the package as is,
wait a few months to add the planned nodes and share
or don't bother at all..