FormWork in Revit with Dynamo

I'm not sure why Formwork quantification is such a big deal in Turkey and not so much in other countries. Any how that request also found me a couple of weeks ago.
As an Architect, I'm more of a "do it in Revit with modeling" kinda guy than a script/add-in spitting some values. So I've made a Dynamo script that creates Formwork.

Here's a brief video showing my workflow in Revit and Dynamo.

I've also coded some companion add-ins. Ranging from basic stuff that writes the Formwork area sums back to elements to an add-in I call "Everything's a Formwork if you're brave enough."
I'll be coding one this week that will be nesting the Formworks to XY plane, joining/splitting Formworks, marking etc. for fabrication.

It's good enough for the task in my hands as it is but I'll try to refine it further.
(Like porting all to a Revit add-in)
So still a work in progress project.
Any advice/recommendation from Structure People for guiding an Architect to the right direction is highly appreciated..