Strandbeest Walking in Tekla via Dynamo Package TEKLAMO

I've been cooking TEKLAMO (a dynamo package for Tekla Structures 19).
It's a personal project (Coded at night when ever I could spare some sleep), so it's going a little slow.

Right now it can create:
Beams, PolyBeams, ContourPlates
Connections, CutPlanes, Fittings.
(All the stuff I needed it to do in the first place)

I'd like to:
add Rebars, Cut Part with Polygon, Cut Part with Part
improve reading capability from Tekla,
test solid creation methods for dynamo..

I'll be presenting it in dynamo.istanbul user group event to see if there's enough interest to
share the package as is,
wait a few months to add the planned nodes and share
or don't bother at all..


istanbul Dynamo User Group

After Dynamo workshops in Istanbul and Ankara with great people, it’s time to form the Istanbul Dynamo User Group.

We’ve got two domain names that suit istanbul!

Please sign up here and confirm the received email.
Hope to see you soon in the meetings..


Dynamo Workshop Ankara

If you're in Ankara / Turkey on the 23rd of March 2016, come and join us at the Dynamo Workshop!

Register at rhb.com.tr/dynamo and confirm the received email.

See you soon...

March / 23 / 2016

TOBB ETÜ Teknoloji Merkezi
(3.kat Stüdyo 3)
Söğütözü, Söğütözü Caddesi No:43
06560, ANKARA


Thank You Bogazici University

I'd like to thank everyone who organized and attended "Construction Project Management with BIM" symposium.

It was absolutely wonderful.. I had great time, met great people..


Thank you!

I'd like to thank everyone who have spent a sunny Saturday with us doing computational BIM with Dynamo.
We were well over 70 and I'm very happy to meet such wonderful people!


Dynamo Workshop istanbul

If you're in İstanbul / Turkey on the 5th of March 2016, come and join us at the Dynamo Workshop!

Register at http://rhb.com.tr/dynamo/ and confirm the received email.

See you soon...

March / 05 / 2016
10:00 AM
Classroom 131

İstanbul Technical University
Taşkışla / Taksim
İstanbul / Turkey


RDS Buddy for Room Data Sheets in Autodesk Revit

In 2011 - 2012 I've done a tremendous Room Data Sheet Api work for Muscat International Airport Terminal Building.
The client was asking for floor + ceiling Plans, all interior elevations and isometric view of the rooms. I also had to integrate some external data to the ones I was getting from Revit.
Pretty straight forward. The thing was it had 4000+ rooms in tens of Revit Files!

That's when I've first dived in the coding stuff. There was a huge man-hours of repetitive work ahead and any thing I could automate no matter what percentage was a true win.

In 2011 neither myself nor the Revit API was what it is today :) But I did OK..

Recently demons of "Very Important Never Accessed Folders" let me find my original code..
Despite all the things it was doing, it didn't get anything from Linked Documents.

So I've played around the concepts Jeremy inspired:
Yes, of course there is a workaround. There always is.
It is just a question of how much effort it takes, and how efficient it turns out to be.
In this case, you can simply collect the rooms from the linked document and
add some other criterion to select the ones you want.
Now you may ask:
What criterion?
You tell me, please.
(Link to the original post in Autodesk Revit API forum)

The result of this testing is a very basic app I call "RDS Buddy".
Here is the tag line:
Your "RDS Buddy". Does not do the job for you. But sure helps you do it..

Some eye candy from the early Revit Room Data Sheets