140811 Update BIM IoT Occupancy Comfort Sensor

I've done some hardware planning and some software trial.

There will be 7 pods connected as a mesh network via Zigbee protocol (Xbee S2B Pro):

There will be 5 satellite Pods:
-Arduino Micro
*Luminosity Sensor
*High Accuracy Temperature Sensor
*Temperature / Humidity / (Heat Index) Sensor

One Gas Pod: (There's only One Gas Pod because these measurements are close to homogeneous and the sensors are expensive to get to Turkey )
-Arduino Uno
*CO2 sensor
*Dust Sensor

One Logger Pod:
-Arduino Yun
*Realtime Clock to sync Pods
*Micro SD Card Reader / Internet (Xively)

On the software side I did a little bit more than planning:

There are 5 Pod Generic families with mark values from 01 to 05 in a room.

Software gets the XYZ values of pods and converts them to UV on an analysis surface offsetted from the bottom surface of the Room object.

Addin asks for the Analysis Type. (Which values will it read from excel)

Reports a basic info.

Creates Analysis Visualization, reads the values from an excel file and puts those multiple values in points and draws a basic graph where you can click and move the mouse to change Analysis Configuration. (date/time). Thanks to Augusto Goncalves for helping me figure out an issue.

After you close the graph, the analysis remains to play with conventional Revit ways.

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